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All audio amplifiers be they IC or discrete circuits have inherent flaws that the ear / brain is very sensitive to..

I have developed unique circuitry and techniques to avoid the common pitfalls of amplifier design others fall into. 
Since then there have been a multitude of 'pretender' phono amp products produced by everyone that can hold a soldering iron, but none use or know anything about the highly advanced circuitry design I developed and use in my product range.  
I setup a small design house in Wales by 1995 where we have designed an expanding range of products from, I have also been a consultant for Pioneer GB where I developed a range of products for them too but kept my 'secrets' to myself.
I used the money from this work to develop a range of world class phono amp designs that I update as IC technology moves forward. I am also in close contact with all the major IC manufacturers worldwide and often receive pre-production samples of IC's to play with in advance.  
I co-designed both the power amps with another chap better known for designing and manufacturing the output transformers. We setup a LTD company that we put all the export sales through leaving me to just deal with sales and design/ manufacturing / development of new products.
I persuaded him that adding the latest in IC tech and unique circuitry and with a unique composite tube output stage would get the very best from both worlds, the amazing specs and and exceptional audible performance prove this to be very true indeed. 

Tom Evans
You can see the results Tom Evans fanaticism in every component that comes out of Tom Evan Audio Design.

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