Tom Evans Audio Design

Just to prove that we don’t spend all of our time resting on our laurels, laying in the rays of the Acapulco sun on our private Yacht playing Backgammon amongst the Rich and famous. We have just put the finishing touches to a newly designed range of phono stages.

For the past 25 years we have used the same front end IC (integrated circuits) technology for the front end gain stages in all of our phono amp designs. It’s a great device producing very low distortion and has proved itself time and time again in incredible reviews for our phono stages across the World to be a true master. Indeed, over this time many pretenders to the IC throne have appeared claiming to be king, many are fine devices but for one reason or another did not provide an overall audible or measurable improvement over the original device we use.

Very recently several new devices have appeared and we were provided with pre production samples to test, and one we have found to be a real gem - ‘The King is dead, long live the King'

The new more complex front end gain stage PCB’s (printed circuit boards) with the new IC's can now be fitted to both Groove Plus SRX and MasterGroove models as an upgrade to elevate even further the performance and transparency of record play back of these fine Phono Stages to a whole new level.

All new production units based on this upgraded Mk 2 standard are available now and to further enhance the standard, we’ve included dip switch loadings as a standard feature on all models.

Meanwhile, it’s back to a cold and windy beech on the coast of Wales with a fishing rod and a flask of hot tea for us...... who needs Acapulco?