Tom Evans Audio Design

Everyone will now be aware of our newly upgraded Phono stage range, and we have released them at the previous models value for a limited period. However, with the new designs came increased costs which we are unable to absorb. So to save you money, we are letting you know that as from November 1st the new prices listed below will come into effect. So if you’re thinking of treating yourself to one of the finest range of phono stages available, then now is the ideal opportunity to save yourself some of your hard earned money. This has also effected our other electronics prices, so if you were close to purchase, nows the time.

The new prices from November the 1st are listed below.

MasterGroove mkII £11,888.00

Groove Plus SRX mkII £5000.00

Groove Anniversary Edition mkII £2400.00

MicroGroove Plus X mkII £1000.00

MicroGroove X mkII £600.00

Vibe mk1.5 Phoenix Pre Amplifier £4000.00

Pulse 2 PSU £2500.00

Linear A/B Power Amplifier £6600.00 per chassis