Tom Evans Audio Design

The Tom Evans Linear A Mk3 Stereo Amplifier

Tom Evans new updated mk3 Linear A stereo amplifier now features user selectable variable feedback switching & purest Copper binding posts.

The new Mk3 power amps both have 'user variable feedback' a multi position switch sited on the rear of the amps just below the bespoke 'purest' Copper binding posts.
Both amp designs have a low enough output impedance when switched to zero feedback to drive a range of impedances that will cover and drive pretty much all speaker designs.

Used in this way they will provide the listener with an accurate reproduction of the recorded event but without the usual dynamic compression and loss of finer detail caused by feedback

Both designs will also match the varying impedance of your loudspeakers across frequency assuring a flat in room frequency response (unlike all transistor power amp output stages!).

Just look for an impedance plot of your loudspeakers, you would be surprised what you find as it wont be flat and may well dip to below half the quoted 'nominal' impedance. This forces any transistor power amp to more than double the power - as an example. you’ve almost certainly read where a transistor amplifiers output is listed as: 60 Watts into 8 Ohms, 120 Watts into 4 Ohms.

Unsurprisingly, this constant up and down moving about of your speakers impedance can really cause it to SHOUT at you! Pasted Graphic And now we’ve told you that, we bet you’re now thinking - “oh yeh, I’ve noticed that”.

So you can understand now the importance of the amp / speaker interface in being able to match the speakers varying impedance across frequency. This will in turn then provide you with a much flatter “in room” frequency response - on the right track at last!

Estimated selling price: £8000.00